225th Anniversary of the Washington - Rochambeau Revolutionary War Route.
Friday, June 30 through Sunday July 2, 2006
March to Victory Weekend- Ridgefield

18th century Divine Service
Ridgebury Congregational Church
Sunday, July 2, 2006


Why "Divine Service" designation? Because New England Congregational churches often served as a community center with members responsible for the financial, educational, political and military safety of the pre-revolutionary community. Sunday gathering for religious worship was designated as a "Divine Service" to distinguish it from the secular concerns of other meetings.

The service will be conducted in colonial tradition in our authentic historic building. Our robed and wigged minister will preach on the sure path to redemption (with text from authentic 1700's sermons) while our 18th century Deacons keep you awake using old Ridgebury Meeting House methods. As the 1781 congregation did, we have elected experts to "tune the pfalms" as of old, so you can enjoy hymns as did our ancestors.

The service will be conducted in authentic setting. Ridgebury Congregational Church is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and this year was recognized by the State of Connecticut as a "major historical site on the Rochambeau 1781 march from Rhode Island to Yorktown Virginia." The Meeting House, erected in 1768, was rebuilt using the same wood on new foundation in 1851. The original pews were made by Ridgebury' s 18th century farmers.

Music and service conducted in colonial tradition in our authentic historic building.


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The 225th Anniversary of the American Revolution
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March to Victory Weekend
Friday, June 30 through Sunday July 2, 2006 - Ridgefield, Connecticut
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